A Guide to Decorating with Dried Flowers
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Wednesday, January 16, 2019
By Charleston Flower Market
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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of fresh flowers in your home. Unfortunately, even the most beautiful bouquets wilt over time. So how can you continue to enjoy your favorite floral arrangements even after they’ve begun to droop? After you’ve gone through our three easy ways to dry flowers, it’s time to decide how to display those beautiful blooms after they’re dried! Here are some of our favorite dried flower decorating ideas:


Plant an everlasting terrarium

If you love the look of adorable terrariums but have a bit of a black thumb, a dried flower terrarium is perfect for you! By combining beautiful dried florals and trendy terrariums, you can create a unique, natural home accent that doesn’t require any upkeep. Try out this easy DIY dried flower terrarium from Afloral.com.

Hang up an ornament

For florals from your most memorable moments, such as weddings or graduations, you can create a keepsake ornament for the holidays. Just place a handful of petals or smaller heads from your dried bouquet in a clear glass or plastic ornament to hang on your tree next Christmas! Here's an easy to follow guide from Nordstrom.

Picture them in a frame

Much like pressing wildflowers and clovers when you were young, you can create beautiful artwork for your walls with pressed dried flowers in a frame. Poppies, daisies, larkspur and cornflower are all examples of flowers that press well and look beautiful in a clear glass frame. For larger blooms that are harder to press, such as roses or dahlias, you can instead fill a shadow box frame with just the dried flower heads. We love this dried wedding bouquet wall decor from Pinterest!

Go for a garland

This how to guide by The Chalkboard Mag walks you through creating an eye-catching garland from your dried bouquet that can easily be hung above your bed or draped across your mantle. Since it may take quite a few bouquets to create a longer garland, be sure to store your dried flower heads in a cool, dry space until you’ve got all you need to start your project.

Build a blooming wreath

Making an indoor wreath out of dried flowers and greenery is surprisingly easy! All you need is a foam or straw floral ring, some u-shaped florist pins or wire, of course, dried flowers, herbs or greenery. We think this heart shaped dried hydrangea wreath from The Good Wifey is an adorable, unique decoration for Valentine’s Day! Just be careful to hang any dried floral wreaths indoors where they can't be damaged by the wind or rain.

Here at Charleston Flower Market, we like to see the beauty in every flower, fresh and dried! Stop by and see our favorite blooms and bouquets today! 

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