New Year's Resolutions To Follow From Flowers
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Monday, December 31, 2018
By Charleston Flower Market
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Christmas is behind us and the New Year is ahead! After confetti falls and the clock hits midnights, it’ll be time to set out to after the new goals and resolutions that come along each January. Whether it’s a resolution to get more active or travel more, there’s no shortage of goals to strive for in 2019. If you’re still debating what your New Year’s resolution will be, consider these pieces of advice from some of our favorite things, flowers:


For plants and humans alike, water is essential for life. Make a conscious effort in 2019 to drink more water and less sugary drinks. You’ll be amazed how much healthier you’ll feel!


Like the changing of the seasons and the new flowers that come, change is always a constant in life. While sometimes change can be unexpected or inopportune, it also often leads to new, beautiful memories.


Flowers bloom in all different colors, from cheerful pinks to enchanting purples to rich reds. Use the wide variety of vibrant colors in nature as inspiration to add more color and variety in the New Year!


Trying new things can be scary, but we need to grow and branch out to live a fuller life. Nurture those new offshoots in your life this year, whether it’s new hobbies, new friends or new adventures!


Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty out in nature in the New Year. Get outside and soak up all the beauty of the forests, lakes or oceans around you. It’s good for you!


Like a succulent thriving off a limited supply of water, sometimes we need less of something to grow. Make 2019 the year of less television, less social media or less junk food and see what other areas blossom in your life!


Like the beautiful, unique bloom of the thistle, sometimes beauty comes from unexpected events. What might often be seen as a weed can actually result in something vibrant and full of life if given the chance.

No matter what 2019 brings for you, be sure to stop by Charleston Flower Market for all your gift and flower needs during the New Year!

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